Exciting Camera Themed Gifts from Japan!

Through my love of photography, a couple of years ago I made friends with a woman called Keiko, whom I met at a Brighton photowalk.

After the photowalk, we became really close friends and I was very sad when COVID-19 struck and she had to move back to Japan last year. We used to meet up regularly when she lived in the UK so I really miss not seeing her anymore.

We thankfully still keep in touch online and I hope one day to visit her in Japan and see her beautiful village where she lives. I have a great fondness of Japan and was fortunate enough to travel to Tokyo several years ago and see my friend Satoshi who has a bar over there, specialising in British Beers!

At Christmas time I was pleasantly surprised to find I had received a christmas present from Keiko in the post.

She had sent me some camera related gifts, which were so thoughtful of her.

I absolutely love the gifts she sent me! Here is a protective cover for my camera which will come in very useful when out on photowalks:

Keiko also sent me some Lomo 800 film, which she said is her favourite film to use. I have never used this film before so look forward to trying it out, especially in these darker winter months:

Lastly, she sent me these cool Japanese sweeties which come in a camera style packet. Both my husband and I enjoyed eating these sweeties:

I look forward to sharing the Lomo 800 photos when I use this film. Due to the current lockdown in the UK, I will most likely use this film in Brighton when out walking my dog.

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