The Leica M6 TTL and Hillvale Holiday 200 Film

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife in December last year, I decided to also take the Hillvale Holiday colour film with me.

This film is all the way from Australia and it was sitting in my film stash since I received it in my Emulsive secret santa gift for Christmas 2018.

I used this film during my walks around the resort where I was staying, which was mainly of the sea and rocks:

Here is one of my husband looking out to sea during one of our walks:

There was a marina near to where we were staying that we liked to visit:

We found a nice little restaurant in the Marina where we managed to visit for breakfast/lunch on several occasions during our stay.

On one of our visits, the waiter saw my camera and knew it was a film camera which he said he really liked.

He asked if he could take a photo of me and my husband using it and I agreed. I tried to set it up best I could for him but unfortunately I must have estimated the distance wrong so the photo came out blurry:

Overall, I felt the photos had a nice vintage feel to them. I scanned these photos after I had scanned the Kodak Ektachrome E100 film so instantly saw the difference in how the colour wasn’t as vibrant as slide film but it was nice to use up the remainder of the Hillvale film that I had in my film stash.

4 thoughts on “The Leica M6 TTL and Hillvale Holiday 200 Film

  1. I like the blue and red boats. It’s a shame the photo of you and your husband was out of focus. Do you feel nervous when you hand over your camera to someone? Sometimes my students want to try my film cameras and I always make sure the strap is securely around their neck. They probably think I’m mental because of all the fussing I do. “Don’t turn that dial!” “Keep your hand under the lens!” and so on.

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    1. I’m pretty laid back about it and didn’t even think about the waiter damaging the camera. The only time that has crossed my mind was when I wanted my younger nephew’s to try out instant photography but have only so far let them take photos on my boxy more robust Polaroid 600 camera as I was worried they would accidentally put their fingers through the bellows of my SX-70.


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