Leica M6 TTL and Kodak TMax 35mm Film

The next film I decided to try in my Leica with the 50mm Summicron Lens, was the Kodak TMax 400 black and white film as I knew I had achieved nice results from that film in the past with other cameras.

I decided to take a walk with my dog to St Ann’s Wells Gardens in Hove and try out the film there.

It’s a nice, quiet place to walk in winter time and I knew I still had to get to grips with getting used to using a Rangefinder camera again and improve on my focusing skills.

Here is one of Daisy I took using the camera and film:

Here is a small selection of photos I took whilst on this walk:

I quite like the lighting effect of the way the sunlight is shining through on this one:

Whilst I suppose the next photo I’m about to show is under exposed, there is something about it I really like. I think it’s the dark contrast of the tree/plants against the grey sky which has come out in a striped texture on this negative. To me, it looks like a really old photo taken years ago. I also think it has a tropical feel about it:

Overall, it was nice to try out a black and white film in the camera which didn’t have too much contrast compared to the JCH film. I really liked the crisp details I got from the camera.

After this film I decided I wanted to try out an Ilford black and white film. I look forward to blogging next week with the results.


4 thoughts on “Leica M6 TTL and Kodak TMax 35mm Film

  1. I find it difficult to focus on anything horizontal or subjects like leaves when using a rangefinder. Your photos are very sharp. Did it take a while to focus on some of the things like the willow(?) tree? Or do you find it comes rather naturally to you?
    I really like the 5th and 6th photos. Great work.

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    1. Thanks Marcus 😊 I didn’t take me too long to focus, I had to take the photos quite quickly as my dog was running around the park so I needed to keep an eye on her too. I think the 0.85 magnification in the viewfinder helps me a lot with the 50mm lens 👍


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