Intrepid Zine

For anybody who found a previous blog post of mine interesting about the Intrepid Camera Company, I thought I’d let you know that they announced yesterday that they now have a limited re-run of issue 1 of their photo zine for sale.

The zine features over 60 pages of exclusively large format photography taken by people all over the world on Intrepid 8×10 and 4×5 cameras.

I unfortunately missed out on purchasing one of the original zine’s before they sold out. When I visited Intrepid a couple of months back and said how I was disappointed that I had missed out on purchasing the first issue, they said to me that they were considering doing a re-run of this issue so I’m very happy they now have.

I feel this zine will give people interested in the world of large format photography and intrepid cameras, a better idea of the photos that can be produced.

I know I’m really excited about receiving this zine and I’m sure it will give me some inspiration when I have my own intrepid camera to start using.

Intrepid Camera have been great in updating me via email every few weeks to let me know how my 4×5 camera is coming along in the production stage and it’s currently into it’s fifth week of production so it won’t be long now before I receive mine which is quite exciting!

Here is a link to their shop for purchasing the Intrepid Zine:

***********UPDATE 29/10/19 – 12:50PM**********

So it appears the re-run of Issue 1 has sold out today! Apologies for anybody now reading this blog post who may have been interested in purchasing an issue. I didn’t realise it would sell out again so quickly. It’s clearly a very popular!

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