The Fomapan Creative 120 ISO 200 Film and my Hasselblad 500 C/M Camera

I recently purchased this film from Analogue Wonderland whilst buying some other 120mm film:

The Fomapan film is available in different ISO’s from 100-400. I decided on the 200 ISO because I knew I wanted to use it on a bright sunny day in England.

I had seen some photos taken by other people using this film and I liked the style of photos the film seems to produce.

The other appealing thing about the film is that it is very cheap and can be purchased for £3.50 at Analogue Wonderland.

If I’m completely honest, amongst the other more expensive films I had purchased from Analogue Wonderland, this one had remained at the bottom of my pile. This was because I was waiting for a very sunny day and I also viewed it as not being of great quality because it was very cheap.

I recently spent the weekend in Rye with some friends. It was a beautiful sunny day on the Sunday so I decided to take a walk around Rye and test out this film in my Hasselblad.

When I got the film developed, I was extremely impressed with the quality and contrast of the photos. Here are some of the photos I took:

It’s definitely a film I’ll be buying again as I think it is great value for money. I also want to try out the other ISO formats they do.

13 thoughts on “The Fomapan Creative 120 ISO 200 Film and my Hasselblad 500 C/M Camera

  1. So glad to see this. My first Fomopan was a victim of my developing so didn’t come out too well. I have another 35mm Fomopan in my Rollei and will possibly have that one professionally developed to see how it does. Your photos give me hope and if it’s the same I might bulk buy it.

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    1. I’m looking forward to to seeing how your next roll turns out in the 35mm variety, especially with the Rollei as it looks like a great camera to use (if I didn’t have so many cameras already this is a camera I may have been tempted to purchase myself!). I’m thinking of bulk buying it too for my next holiday as I’m sure I’ll use a lot of film 👍

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  2. I’ve bought several rolls myself. For the price, you really “get your bang for your buck.” I noticed on my 35mm Fomapan, when I developed, and then squeegeed it to dry, it scratched very easy. It might just be me, but I’d be interested in other peoples experience. Natalie, do you have access to Ultrafine Extreme? Rumor is it’s identical to Fomapan. It’s another cheap film that provides nice results.

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    1. I was thinking of purchasing the Ultrafine Extreme 400 but it’s not easy to get here. However, if it’s identical to Fomapan then I might not bother since I would have to pay more due to postage from America. I got the film developed at my local lab so it doesn’t seem scratched. However, there does seem more of a rough side to the exposed parts of the negatives so I can see how it could get scratched…

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  3. Love these images! Glad you liked the Fomapan 🙂 I have only shot one roll of Fomapan (the ISO 100 version in 35mm) but I really liked how it came out, so ordered 10! It’s been recommended to me to try stand development with it when I start processing my own film. I also want to try pushing it a few stops and pulling it once, with different filters; since it’s cheap, it’s the perfect film to experiment with, I think.

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      1. You should try out the ISO100 when it gets a bit sunnier 🙂 I think you might like it!


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