Rollei Fantastic 5!

Recently on Instagram, I came across a camera shop called @macodirect who are based in Germany.

They announced they had put together a pack of different types of Rollei black and white films which came complete with a Japan Camera Hunter film case.

I really love the Rollei films, ever since I started using them in 35mm photography.

The great news is that these packs are available in both 35mm and 120mm options.

The pack contains the following five Rollei black and white films:

  • 1 x Rollei RPX 25
  • 1 x Rollei RPX 100
  • 1 x Rollei RPX 400
  • 1 x Rollei Superpan 200
  • 1 x Rollei Retro 400S

I also really liked the orange colour of the case they had chosen to pack the films in.

I have used the Rollei RPX 400 and Rollei Retro 400S in the past with great results, but I had never used the other three before so thought this would be a great way to try them out.

I’d also been considering buying a plastic case of this type for 120mm film. This is because I normally have a couple of rolls I need to put in for developing at a time and wanted something sturdy to store the used film in when travelling to my local lab for processing.

The 120mm pack retails at €34.50 (around £30.00) and the 35mm pack retails at €32.60 (around £28.00).

Since I’m based in the UK, I knew that the postage wouldn’t be cheap and I wasn’t wrong as that cost an additional £10.

However, even with the postage cost of £10, I worked out that I would still be making a saving of approximately £8 than if I had bought all the films and the case separately in the UK. I therefore decided to purchase one of the 120mm packs.

It arrived quite quickly and I’m really looking forward to using all the films in my Hasselblad 500 C/M camera.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pack or happen to live in Germany so will be lucky enough to pay less postage, their website is:

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