Trip Magazine Issue One

It’s great to see other people keeping film photography alive and I was very excited when I learnt on instagram about this recent magazine that had been made by @trip.zine

@trip.zine describes it as a visual love letter to the Olympus Trip 35. It’s ultimately a visual magazine which comprises of pictures taken by the Olympus Trip 35 from 20 photographers from across the world.

It’s A5 in size which means it’s easily portable and is printed on lovely quality 150gsm silk paper.

The photos are amazing and it provides so much inspiration as to what photo’s could be taken using this smart little compact camera.

I’m really happy with the purchase and I wasn’t surprised to recently discover that there aren’t many copies left for sale so if you’re interested, I’d buy one before they sell out.

They retail at £8 (plus postage costs) but in view of the quality of the magazine with over 60 pages of 35mm film photography, I personally think the cost is well worth it.

This magazine is something I will certainly keep as it’s truly unique and special.

I really admire @trip.zine for publishing this magazine and I do hope there will be further issues for sale in the near future which I will most definitely purchase.

The magazine is currently for sale online at

Their shop name on Etsy is TripZine.

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